Multiple Chargers

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Multiple Chargers

Postby seahunter on Sun Dec 11, 2011 1:04 pm

Here's the setup: I'm adding a flexmax 60 powered by 2 Sanyo hit195s (56.3V @ 195W) to a 900AH 12v battery bank (8x12v Trojan 125) currently powered by hart charger/inverter via shore power and/or a Balmar 200AMP twin post from the auxiliary engine and/or charging from a MasterVolt Whisper 3.5K genset. All AC is diverted through the Hart (including the genset). My question: Will the Flex60 understand where/when the batteries are sourcing their charge and the optimum voltage required to maintain the battery bank? As the Flex60 doesn't care what input voltage the panels are, it's output should be 14.7 @ 395W w/27Amp at full load. Is there a way to make the Flex60 the primary and shore power secondary without adding a Mate?
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Re: Multiple Chargers

Postby tallgirl on Mon Dec 12, 2011 6:37 am

The charge controller "communicates" using the battery voltage. If the other charging sources are raising the battery voltage above whatever you have set for "Absorb", the charge controller will reduce its output.

The usual approach is to set "other" charging sources to below the "Absorb" setting for the solar charge controller, since the sun is free. That way, if there is enough sunshine to charge the batteries, those other sources won't be used. No Mate required!
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