new setup

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new setup

Postby miker on Mon Jun 21, 2010 11:28 pm


Done some reading here and have more questions:

I have 3 175W 24V panels (in parallel) and 6 8D gel cell 12V 180Ah (each) batteries. 5 of them as 1 bank for the boat power and 1 as a starting battery for the engine.
The batteries are connected with a battery isoletor that have 2 connections for charge input (like 2 alt) and BAT 1 BAT 2 connections. I will have the engine Alt connected to one and the flex60 to the other.

1: is it okay to connect the felx60 to an isoletor?
2: how do I prevent the engine start battery from over charge since it is not in use as the others
3. I will be in Mexico what kind of amp's can I get with 3 175W panels?

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