Whew... Still Kicking it

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Whew... Still Kicking it

Postby JRHill on Wed Oct 04, 2017 11:55 am

Each year that goes by I watch for the forecasted loss in performance from the panels. Of all the details of checking connections, SGs, adjustments to tuning, etc., I think I am seeing something to the negative. Then comes the fall and cooler temps. The sun hits the panels ( and more perpendicular for me - roof mounted ), the temps are brisk, the sky is clear of smoke and, hurray, it's working great for Kw output. The day's sunlight is down by 4 hours but I get more right now than during the summer at peak from hot panels. The only suspicious downside is that the sun is going down earlier so I hit the batteries sooner - which would lend to a downturn - but not so much. Morning SOCs are increasing right now at the same loads (battery temp).

All kinds of questions/worries get posted about system performance and for good reason. But if you keep records and do the minimum maintenance you'll see the pattern. And, damn, each year is different.

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BTW, took 5 years and the 2nd set of batteries to get my attention. Records. SGs (if flooded). Patterns of use. Gen charging habits. Etc.
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