Vfxr3524 grid zero

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Vfxr3524 grid zero

Post by Foxmxrcer » Tue Sep 10, 2019 5:31 pm

I'm relatively new to the whole solar thing, but I do have a decent understand 6 if both AC and DC electronics. I recently bought a house that was running on nothing but solar, with the vfxr3524, midnite classic 150, and mate3. The seller claimed everything was ready and good to be grid interactive if desired. So, me wanting an electric water heater, wanted grid interactive. After the pet company hooked the line back up from the pole, I got into the mate3 and changed the settings to grid zero, set the parameters, shut the breakers off, turned the grid breaker on, and then the solar breaker (in the main box), and it blew immediately. What gives? My only confusion is that the solar feed in the main panel, is a double pole 30a breaker, with the hot from the inverter running to one pole, and a jumper jumping to the other. That doesn't seem right to me, but I'm not sure?

Any hello is greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

Mike Curran
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Re: Vfxr3524 grid zero

Post by Mike Curran » Thu Sep 12, 2019 4:50 pm

Can you post a photo of your wiring or a wiring diagram? I'm having trouble visualizing what you're describing...

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Re: Vfxr3524 grid zero

Post by sparksalot » Fri Sep 13, 2019 8:00 am

Yes, wiring diagram please.

Without diagram and reading above I see a major issue:

Jumper between DP L1 & L2 are there for only having 120 VAC inverter which can only feed 1 of the 2 panel bus.
So Jumper is required to be installed to feed the unfed second bus since lacking 240 VAC power source from any second inverter.

For a 240 VAC (2 panel bus) distribution panel and lacking 240 VAC supply there would be only every other breaker work without adding the L1 to L2 jumper.
Then when later adding the POCO 240 VAC and still while 120 VAC bus jumpers are not removed causes a dead short circuit between the newly added POCO L1 & L2.

Sorry, but you don't understand much electricity and are a danger to yourself and others near to you.

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