Grid Sell and Electric Meter

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Grid Sell and Electric Meter

Postby Yoe on Sun Apr 07, 2019 10:57 am

Do you need a special meter in order to "sell back" to the grid?

What would happen if someone enabled it before full utility approval for testing purposes?
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Re: Grid Sell and Electric Meter

Postby Mike Curran on Sun Apr 07, 2019 4:33 pm

For my initial grid-tied system of 1,440 watts capacity (2007), I got a permit from my utility but (I'm assuming) because my output to the grid was so low, they never changed out my original meter, until I added 6,450 watts in 2012. Still, with the old meter I could observe the disk that turns as you're using grid power and on sunny days it would slow or even start to turn "backwards".

However, I have heard that some non-net meters may not account for your grid feedback at all and may even erroneously show your feedback as use, charging you for energy you've fed to the grid. For testing purposes probably not a problem but best to get the permit, and if your system is large enough, a new, net meter. Without it you really can't accurately account for what you're selling to the grid.
Mike Curran
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Re: Grid Sell and Electric Meter

Postby gregorio on Mon Apr 08, 2019 1:02 pm

When my 10kW system was getting inspected for approval in 2015, I left it on after it passed inspection. However, my utility company (PGE) did not credit me for any power I sent to the grid until they got all paperwork in order. That took about 3 weeks. My meter was already net metering capable because it was not changed.
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Re: Grid Sell and Electric Meter

Postby jbakker on Wed Apr 10, 2019 4:48 am

On my system I have played with a couple of grid tie cards.
I have one of the so called smart meters. Now when using from the Grid there is a little arrow that scrolls from left to right facing the meter.
When I was feeding the grid back the arrow from right to left and there was an exclamation symbol on the display as well, so I was feeding the grid.
The question is was can the utility company sense this? I have no agreement to feed back as the town has no interest in net metering.
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Re: Grid Sell and Electric Meter

Postby mexsudo on Wed Apr 10, 2019 5:48 am

Last month when my grid connection was first made we stepped out to the meter, it was indeed spinning backwards.
it was a 20 year old conventional meter.
I recorded the readings and it was counting down at a rate that made sense, and again ran normally when the sun was not out.
This would raise huge red flags with CFE (our federal electric agency) if the meter reader saw it turning backwards, or it was noted in the office that my use went down radically (power theft).
Grid-tie is permissible, and encouraged here, but a contract is required.
They bank my power for one year, and I draw from it as needed, 1:1 ratio. I think that is cool.

After my installer had me connected he prepared the paperwork for the formal contract with CFE and submitted it for me.
A few days later the meter was replaced with a modern digital one that has an elaborate display that I don't quite understand, but it does have an arrow showing the direction of flow. It supposedly collects more data, has a wifi indicator. The meter reader said that wifi does not work, he will still return and read the meter as before.
I checked on line, the contract was approved. My next invioce should reflect the changes.
peter ehlert (mexsudo)
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Re: Grid Sell and Electric Meter

Postby Megunticook on Wed Apr 10, 2019 11:40 am

Yoe wrote:Do you need a special meter in order to "sell back" to the grid?

My POCO, Central Maine Power, replaced my analog meter with a pair of analog meters--one "in" and one "out." When CMP pushed the smart meters on all their customers I opted out, which is why we got the double analog meters. From what I understand most modern smart meters can measure current flowing in either direction.

Yoe wrote:What would happen if someone enabled it before full utility approval for testing purposes?

That's not a good idea. You'd certainly be jeopardizing your interconnection agreement. From the POCO's perspective, they want to make sure your system is safe and won't backfeed during an outage and get someone hurt. In my case I it only took about 5-6 weeks to get the meters installed and get the green light to put our system online.
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Re: Grid Sell and Electric Meter

Postby AntonyH on Wed Apr 17, 2019 4:45 am

Hi, My first post about my Outback power system. I have had a system working for about 5 years , using 12x 300w panels, 12x100ah batteries linked to supply 48 volts,
I have a Flexmax M80 inverter and a grid tie systwm to sell on line which has been working very well until the batteries over heated. I have changed to 4x200ah gel batteries as well as installing 6x 350volt extra panels. How do I change the settings to use these batteries and new panels?.
Control is thro a Mate3s
Hope you can help?
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