Differences between GVFXxxxx and VXFRxxxxA?

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Differences between GVFXxxxx and VXFRxxxxA?

Postby billvon on Sat Nov 03, 2018 7:50 pm

Sorry if this question has been asked before, but what changes were made in the -R series from the older GVFX series?
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Re: Differences between GVFXxxxx and VXFRxxxxA?

Postby Mike Curran on Sun Nov 04, 2018 4:04 pm

Your question could probably be best answered by an OB Tech or someone who has had experience with both models. However, I think the major changes are in the added AC input modes of the R model.

The GVFX models have only generator, grid-tied, and maybe backup AC input modes, although I'm not completely sure - backup mode seems similar to grid-tied and I don't recall it being offered on my GVFX.

The R models add Support, UPS (a higher transfer speed backup mode), mini grid and grid zero.

You can read about these modes in the FXR operating manual.

Perhaps someone with experience will chime in. I will say that if/when I have to replace my GVFX's, the R model will be my choice as it has the exact same form factor and is a "drop in" replacement - at least for now.
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Re: Differences between GVFXxxxx and VXFRxxxxA?

Postby Jorge Guzman on Sun Nov 04, 2018 7:52 pm

Mike is right. The major differences with the FXR's now is the ability to change its operating mode with a few button pushes. The GVFX's can only be Grid-Interactive and because of that at times they had a hard time connecting/charging from a noisy generator

also, you could only stack up to two units in series (Max) known as "Classic Stacking" vs. FXR's you can now have up to 8 (4 per phase) in grid-tied/series wiring now known as sub-phase stacking.

Speaking of stacking, FXR's can also stack up to 9 units in 3-phase (3/phase) so that means you can grid-tied in 3 phase...whhhaattt??? Mind blown.

There has been some hardware upgrades as well so internals are different than the legacy units.

The other cool thing is the amount of SKU's are now less compared to legacy units. FXR's have adjustable frequency 50/60Hz and AC output voltage adjustments. Before OutBack had different models for international markets for example 120V 60Hz or 120V 50Hz now with the single unit you can have both options.

FXR's also have an advance menu called "Grid Interfase Protection" (GIP) that allows the unit to have grid support compliance to the UL1741SA

FXR's have field upgradable firmware vs. before with legacy units you would have to send it in to OB or swap the control board.

FXR's are also a bit more lithium friendly since they now offer the advance battery charging profiles (ABC)

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