GFVX3524 wiring installation

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GFVX3524 wiring installation

Postby grogman1 on Tue Apr 04, 2017 11:00 am

I'm just trying to find a wiring diagram to hook my GFVX3524 in a grid augment mode. Mainly, I want it and the grid powering my house at the same time to offset the power brought in from our local utility. If this was a generator, I would say that we are synched/in parallel with the grid sharing the household load.
The manual doesn't show this arrangement. Mainly, it shows a grid, or invertor mode via a transfer switch.
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Re: GFVX3524 wiring installation

Postby Mike Curran on Tue Apr 04, 2017 3:42 pm

The transfer switch that is internal to the GVFX only operates when the grid supply is interrupted. Otherwise if your wind turbine is generating enough to Float your battery and has excess watts to boot, your system will augment the grid supply to your house.

Having said that, if your inverter output is connected to your house load distribution panel, you cannot have a grid connection to your house distribution panel at the same time (except through a separate physical transfer switch, which is what you're seeing in the GVFX manual - This switch is meant to allow inverter maintenance by switching loads to grid only). The GVFX output will not sync with the grid; you must have the grid connection at your inverter input, if your house loads are small enough for it to pass the entire load (50A max for the GVFX, I believe). Otherwise you may have to separate your critical loads into a separate distribution panel, small enough for the GVFX to supply.

Hope this makes sense.
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