fan replacement lead to dead inverter VFX3048E

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fan replacement lead to dead inverter VFX3048E

Postby bazww on Mon Oct 30, 2017 6:22 am

Wish I had ignored the error light, fan fault and left well alone![/b]

We have a 5year old VFX3048E that had a fan fault and error light, it was inverting and charging. I feared that if we used its full 3KW output or whilst charging using the AC generator at 10A to top up the battery bank, it might overheat and damage the inverter. I consulted the supplier who said it could be the fan or control board.

The fault finding procedure change the fan if that does not fix it change the control card.

I got a replacement fan (£50) and followed the instructions on the outback website all very simple, I did not even have to take the boards out.
However I did do a preliminary power up as per the video (about 8mins in) the video suggested an inline fuse if testing with a battery bank but did not say what size fuse, another video of the same process but using a bench PSU showed the (no load attached) current reading on the PSU to be 700ma hence the 1A fuse.

So I connected the power as per the video and my inline fuse popped (F1A) but I did see a brief flicker on the LEDs prior to the fuse popping. I replaced this with a T1A it also blew so I replaced it with a 3A that did not blow but now the unit is dead, no lights, no fan, no AC.

I now think (just a guess based on reading wikipedias FETand ESD pages) that the ESD ( Electrostatic discharge ) of the fuses blowing in an un-shielded fuse holder about a foot from the connector (as per the how to video liked from outbacks official website!) coupled with the testing part (done with the lid off so no screening) again from the official "how-to" video, lead to the FETs popping. I cannot confirm this without buying a board and fitting it without blowing (assuming its the right board i buy and swap out)

I have spoken to The UK distributor who advises against following the video, and he said that a lot of current is required to fill the capacitors on start up and this would blow fuses and says i should have done it on the full size bat bank (opposite of outback website advice?? to use a test rig) and cant advise me of a safe way to solve this other than changing all 3 boards, ( a fault on one board could cause a good one to fail). This seems less safe to me than changing the fan and we know how well that went.

I cannot contact anyone at outback power in the US as the contact us link is to windandsun (the UK distributor i have already talked to)

there does not seem to be a way to fault find to card level. The replacement of all cards would cost me £1200, the cost of this is quite close to the price of a whole new inverter with a warranty(£1788). Is field servicing a 5 yr old inverter a false economy? as cards can fail during install and are not covered or repairable. does anyone else know how to be sure what card is wrong?

any ideas? have read lots of posts here and everyone seems happy with Outback I however feel a tad let down.
any comments gratefully received
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