Shipping delays, Info please??

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Shipping delays, Info please??

Postby BerkeleyHomeTech on Thu Oct 26, 2017 5:23 am

I'm at the end of my rope so I'm attempting this angle to see if I can get some response. I have outstanding orders for Outback equipment that I cannot get shipped, nor get any reasonable information about. I have purchased through a nationwide distributor with prepayment. We have a long standing business relationship and this is far from my first purchase or install of outback equipment. The orders though seem to go to Outback and get dumped in a corner somewhere. Some of the equipment was well over 30 days to get processed and issued a "ship date", the trucking company has yet to determine exactly where that freight is to get it delivered to me. The remainder of the order, batteries, 200RE series have received three ship dates, all of which have come and gone without shipping, now pushed into "possibly shipping the week of 11/10". Can anyone on the left coast chime in here with information as to why equipment that was paid for months ago will not ship? Ive left voicemail with all Outback contacts I have without response.
I'm backed into a corner where these two jobs have completion dates of Nov 1, if I cant get those jobs completed to receive payment I cannot pay my own suppliers, employees and mortgage payment. At this point the runaround leads me to believe that in mid november I will again get a notice that shipping is delayed another 2-6 weeks.
Any suggestions from the crowd as to how I light a fire under a shipping dept?
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