I am trying to find a compact long lasting storage system

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I am trying to find a compact long lasting storage system

Postby Daak on Wed Oct 18, 2017 5:04 pm

I am trying to figure out if there is any storage system similar to the "power wall" that is compatible with "Flex power 1" 24v that is designed for a larger depth of discharge on a regular basis, my campground is 100% off grid and customers run the system down to shut off voltage often. Ideally something that will last closer to 10 years rather then 5 years like most batteries?
My issue with the battery storage system is the fact that they are huge and unsightly we use these system in a campground we have latice work that kinda hide the boxes but they still leaves a huge footprint and I would like to get rid of them.
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My RE system: I operate 5 off grid cabins in US Navy campground in Japan. The systems we use consists of a OUTBACK Power system: FLEXmax 80 charge controller, VFX 3024j (24 to 100v 50Hz) Inverter, MATE2 and MATE3 and a FLEXnet DC hub with 16 battery/92 Ahr battery bank @ 24v. 4 of our systems were purchased in 2010 and 1 system was purchased in 2016 (hence the MATE2 and MATE3). I just completed the OutBack certification on June 6-9 of 2017. this does by no means makes me an expert I am still new to solar. if you have questions about the training please feel free to ask, in my opinion it is well worth the $499.00 in my case it verified much of what I thought I knew and made me much more comfortable diving into our systems.

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