Using Outback Equipment for LG Chem 48v

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Using Outback Equipment for LG Chem 48v

Postby outrigger999 on Thu Sep 28, 2017 3:45 pm


Can someone tell me if I can use my VFX3648 Inverters and FM80 charge controllers with the LG Chem? Here's a look at it at a whole sale online site: ... 8v-battery

The main LG site doesn't have very good information on it and it appears after a google search that Outback is talking about Skybox support with the LG Chem batteries. The issue is that the Skybox won't be available until next year and the Skybox is a hybrid system. Here in Hawaii, the power company fights solar systems of any kind tooth and nail. RIght now, if you have a grid tie solution which is grandfathered into the NEM program, you get a 1:1 credit on your power bill. The new NEM agreement is 0.5:1. Any hybrid solution like Skybox will negate the the 1:1 NEM agreement with the power company. You need to make a version of the Skybox which cannot push back into the power grid so that the power company cannot use that excuse--basically if the hardware is capable, even if we don't use it, they put up a fight.

Further, it's unclear if the skybox will support the 400v version of the LG Chem or 48v. If someone has experience with charging Lithium Ion with current Outback equipment, please let me know your experience.

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Re: Using Outback Equipment for LG Chem 48v

Postby theantnest on Sat Sep 30, 2017 8:09 am

I have also been looking into this, and it seems like it can be done, but you need to set your charge values properly.

Check out this guy who used Outback charge controllers with Tesla 24V packs:

Max SOC is 49.2V
Low SOC is 38V

The biggest issue from what I can see is actually having an inverter that won't cut out below 40V.
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