No winter is the same....

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No winter is the same....

Postby JRHill on Mon Feb 11, 2019 11:48 am

So, up to a week ago, this was the winter that wasn't. Just warm drizzles and a lot of fog. Then some really cold weather was forecasted compliments of our friend the polar vortex. That's a bit out of the norm for the Pacific Northwest. Then some snow was added. Then some more snow - and more - and more. What a hoot! But the wife isn't hooting so much as I had a shiny new knee installed two weeks ago and she gets to do all the animal chores and, well, everything else outside. On a normal day its 20 minutes (1.25 mile) to a minimum maintenance road so barring a true emergency we're effectively snowed in. Heh, with the knee, can ya imagine the fun chaining all for tires on the rig?

The new battery bank started its 4th year in August and is doing MUCH better than the first set that died young due to under-absorption. But it's generator fuel conservation time so I'm biting the bullet and going deeper into the batteries before charging and reducing Absorb from 3 to 2 hours and bumping the absorb from 60 to 60.8v. Even with an inverter generator running slow on the absorb its not the time to use gas for 800 watts (the closest I come to extending/finishing off the absorb cycle when on gen charging).

Why am I rambling on with this story? Its because of the over and over and over discussions on absorb time and voltage with flooded batteries. This new set of batteries (Aug 2015) is performing pretty good because of, in my opinion, keeping them regularly recharged with a good absorb. And that's more than a couple of hours. The benefit? At a time like this they are much more able to withstand changing the parameters with conservation as the priority. In other words, right now, when the genset runs its hitting as hard as possible - temp compensated and then getting shut down to conserve fuel. Fuel is cheaper than batteries and justifies the longer absorb until you can't get to more fuel. When all this weather passes I am absolutely sure I can revert to a lower absorb voltage with the time back to ~5+ hours as the gen is retired for the season and the sun comes back. And all it cost me is some distilled water with a very little more gassing.

Hopalong Jim
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Re: No winter is the same....

Postby JeffinthePeace on Mon Feb 11, 2019 4:57 pm

Jim -
My takeaway is that you understand your system well enough to make necessary adjustments.
Advantageous for the off-gridder: usually we optimize, sometimes we conserve, sometimes we just make do.
As for myself, I continue to learn.
Take care of the knee. At least the snow has eased out of the WA forecast!
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