System Display and Controller

outback mate3s front opticsre 300x221


This firmware is not compatible with the legacy MATE3 system display and controller.



Please ensure that you are downloading the correct version number. Each download contains a ReadMe text file that details the:

  • Firmware Version Number
  • Contents of the Release
  • Release Date
  • Additional useful information

Once downloaded, verify that the ReadMe text file contains the proper information regarding your MATE3s.

  • Version 001.001.000
    • Contents of the Release: Enhancements and Bug Fixes
    • Release Date: September 2017
    • Additional Information: Fixed issue that would sometimes display wrong screen after selecting a menu item. Fixed issue where OPTICS is reporting that there are on-site modifications of settings. Note: Settings are not actually changing.  
    • Enhancements: Support for new regulations regarding line interactive disconnect requirements.

Release Date

Wednesday, 11 October 2017