FXR Series



Please ensure that you are downloading the correct version number. Each download contains a ReadMe text file that details the:

  • Firmware Version Number
  • Contents of the Release
  • Release Date
  • Additional useful information

Once downloaded, verify that the ReadMe text file contains the proper information regarding your FXR product.

  • FXR2012A and VFXR2812A Revision 001.006.063
  • FXR2524A and VFXR3524A Revision 001.006.063
  • FXR3048A and VFXR3648A Revision 001.006.063
    • Contents of the Release: Key new features
    • Release Date: September 2017
    • Additional Information: Implementation of UL1741SA (with R:07Sep2016), California Rule 21, and updated HECO Grid Support function. These functions operate when the inverter is set to GridZero mode, if activated by loading a .GIP file or if changed manually. Functions include Low and High Voltage Ride Through, Low and High Frequency Ride Through, Specified Power Factor (SPF), Soft-Start Ramp (SS) and Normal Ramp Rate (RR), Frequency-Watt (FW), Volt-Watt (VW), Volt/VAr (Q/V). Also updated .GIP files for latest compliant Grid Support limit programming. Note: Make certain to read the Operator's Manual as certain functions may have changed. An update to this firmware version must be performed with a MATE3s system display with 001.001.000 firmware or greater. The older MATE3 cannot be used.
  • FXR2012A and VFXR2812A Revision 001.006.015
  • FXR2524A and VFXR3524A Revision 001.006.015
  • FXR3048A and VFXR3648A Revision 001.006.015
  • FXR2012E and VFXR2612E Revision 001.006.015
  • FXR2024E and VFXR3024E Revision 001.006.015
  • FXR2348E and VFXR3048E Revision 001.006.015
    • Contents of the Release: Enhancements and Bug Fixes
    • Release Date: July 2015
    • Additional Information: Implemented Multi-phase coordination for stacked systems, Corrected issue with false Stuck Relay error, Corrected minor phase relationship issue with 120VAC models set to 50Hz and stacked in split-phase, Removed 8 second delay of Aux output after power-up, While selling, current rises to 4A in diode mode and remains there for 10 seconds before transitioning to brute mode.

    Release Date

    Friday, 20 October 2017