OutBack's International off-grid inverter/chargers are engineered to provide reliable 50 Hz/60Hz AC power for homes in remote locations, mini-grid and village power, as well as back-up power for homes and small businesses. Our power electronics are legendary for their durability in harsh environments, and our simple field serviceability means problems can be fixed in the field, not an inconvenient repair center.



Many people do not have access to clean and reliable power. OutBack inverter/chargers are designed to provide clean and uniterruptible backup power for durations much longer than your traditional uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system. OutBack inverter/chargers are capable of operating in harsh environments and working in conjunction with a generator for longer back up runtimes.

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Micro-Grid Village Power Distribution Center

OutBack Power Technologies power electronics are designed to work well in village power and micro-grid applications where there are many different power generating sources such as solar, wind, micro-hydro and generators supplying power to multiple locations through an integrated power network.

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Off-Grid Remote Power

For vacation homes, remote cabins or remote villages where utility power is not an option. OutBack’s power electronics are designed for people producing their own power, either through renewable energy resources such as solar and wind power or traditional generators.

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